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Delhi State Health Bulletin for Containment of COVID-19 (No. 6/ March 9th 2020)

COVID-19 Status as on 9.3.2020 at 6 AM

Global: 110,034 cases ( including clinical cases ) , Deaths : 3824 National: 42 Cases, 0 Death

Delhi State: 4 Cases, 0 Death

Hospital status

Hospita  lCummulati ve No. of Passenger s from Affected Country Under observatio n AS on TodayCummulative No. of Asymptomatic Passengers under home isolation AS on Today (n COV Sample Negative Patients Discharged)Cummulativ e No. of Symptomati c Passengers Hospitalize d AS on TodayNo. of Symptomati c Passengers Hospitalize d TodayCummulati ve No. of Positive (Delhi)Cummula tive No. of Positive (Outside Delhi)
  SJH  88  62  24  1  4  8

Status of contact tracing

Sr. No.Total no. of contact tracedContacts from DelhiContacts from Outside DelhiNo.          of Hospital isolationNo. of sample sent based on risk stratification
Case No. 1105416419
Case No. 217187840107
Case No. 3287287Nil08
Case No. 47676Nil35

All the contacts have been advised for home quarantine

  1. Total calls received and responded at State Head Quarter Control Room – 29 calls
  2. Total number of Calls received at CATS – 5
  • Till date, 1,49,883 passengers from COVID-19 affected countries have been screened at Delhi Airport and placed under surveillance. 4494 passengers from affected countries were screened today.
  • A state level of training of trainers for COVID -19 has been conducted at Delhi Secretariat for 157 participants. Nodal officers from hospitals, District Surveillance officers, other program officers, district project officers from disaster management units, Health officers from local bodies and other medical officers attended the training.
  • Awareness cum sensitization sessions in community and health facilities in all districts, and Munadi in different areas of west district.
  • Advisory have been issued by Drug controller department for regulating the sale and distribution of hand sanitizers, in view of detection of positive cases of corona virus in the country including Delhi.
  • Intensive IEC activities have been undertaken by state. To discourage gatherings and close contacts on the occasion of Holi, newspaper advertisement in all the daily newspapers, by Delhi Govt.
  • Letter has been issued to all hospitals designated for COVID-19 regarding preparations to initiate collection of samples of COVID-19.

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