3rd Floor, DGD Building School Block, Shakarpur, Delhi-110092 Ph: 011-22482016, Email:

Delhi State Health Bulletin for Containment of COVID-19 (No. 7/ March 10th 2020)

COVID-19 Status as on 10.3.2020

Global: 113,739 cases ( including clinical cases ) , Deaths : 4016 National:47 Cases, 0 Death

Delhi State: 4 Cases, 0 Death

Hospital status

HospitalCummulative No. of Passengers from Affected Country Under observation AS on TodayCummulative No. of Asymptomatic Passengers under home isolation AS on Today (n COV Sample Negative Patients Discharged)Cummulative No. of Symptomatic Passengers Hospitalized AS on TodayNo. of Symptomatic Passengers Hospitalized TodayCummulativ e No. of Positive (Delhi)Cummulat ive No. of Positive (Outside Delhi)
  SJH  94  70  30  2  4  10

1. Total calls received and responded at State Head Quarter Control Room  – 84 calls 2. Total number of Calls received at CATS – 5

  • Till date, 1,53,417 passengers from COVID-19 affected countries have been screened at Delhi Airport and placed under surveillance.3534passengers from affected countries were screened today.
  • A letter has been issued from Department of Health to State Disaster Management Authority and to Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board regarding Setting up of Quarantine Centers for asymptomatic suspect corona virus infected persons
  • District Disaster management teams are actively involved in awareness generation and sensitization in community
  • A full page colored advertisement has been published toady in all leading newspapers with a special message on Holi with a message to avoid big gatherings and close contacts.
  • One contact from a list of self-reporting formats of 37 passengers (close contacts of a case found positive in Leh ) which was shared with Delhi IDSP, is from South East District of Delhi. He has been contacted and found asymptomatic

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