F. No. 13(15)/Misc./HQ/2017/1825)                                                   Dated: 25/03/2020


Subject: Review of availability and production of Hand Sanitizers in Delhi in view of the COVID-19

In the wake of recent Global spread of the “Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)”, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared this outbreak as a global pandemic. A number of measures have been taken by both Government of India and State Governments to contain Coronavirus / COVID-19 including highlighting certain personal hygiene issues like use of hand sanitizers by public and health workers to prevent the spread of Corona virus. The Government of NCT has issued the Delhi Epidemic Diseases COVID-19 Regulations 2020 under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 for prevention and containment of COVID-19. Keeping in view the same, the Central Government vide order dated 13th March, 2020 has notified “Hand Sanitizers” as Essential Commodities under the Essential Commodities Act up to 30th June, 2020 .

It has been observed that hand sanitizers are either not available with most of the vendors in the market or are available with great difficulty at exorbitant prices. Because of the excessive market demand and shortage of raw material, the prices of Iso propyl alcohol have gone up and the existing manufacturers of lso-Propyl Alcohol (IPA) based hand sanitizers are facing difficulty to offer the said product within notified price. The Govt. of India vide letters dated 19.03.2020 & 21.03.2020 have issued directions to all State Governments and UT’s to enhance production of Hand Sanitizers and to ensure its availability to the consumers.

Therefore after careful review of the present situation, and to counter the prevailing situation as an abundant precaution for disaster management and in greater public interest, the Drugs Control Department of Government of NCT of Delhi, has taken the following measures : 1. To grant conditional permission/approval to manufacture ethanol based hand sanitizers/ hand cleanser/hand rub to the manufacturers of drugs /homoeopathic medicine manufacturers/cosmetics manufacturers in Delhi for a period up to 30th June 2020 only which shall be deemed cancelled/ withdrawn automatically unless otherwise extended.



2. The label of all such bottles should specify For sale in Delhi only” so that the manufacturers’ stock is not diverted outside Delhi.

3. That the pricing of the products so manufactured by them is within notified prices under “The Essential Commodities Act”.

4. That the manufacturer shall abide by all the directions issued by the Government of India and the State Government in this regard from time to time, during this period. In view of this. applications are invited from the manufacturers of drugs/homoeopathic medicine manufacturers/cosmetics manufacturers in Delhi, having adequate manufacturing infrastructure, as per prescribed requirements subject to the aforesaid conditions.

All stakeholders are requested to take this on top priority

(A.K. Nasa)

 Head of Office/ Controlling Authority/

F. No. 13(15)/Misc./HQ/2017/1825)                                                   Dated: 25/03/2020

Copy for information to:-

1. Secretary. Health & Family Welfare Department. 9′ Floor. Delhi Secretariat, I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110002.

2. Drugs Controller/Spl. Secretary. Health & Family Welfare Department. 9th Floor, Delhi Secretariat. I.P. Estate. New Delhi-110002.

3. DDC/ADC/ Drugs Inspectors. Drugs Control Department, GNCTD, F-17, Karkardooma, Delhi

4. Sh. Lalit Minal, Asstt. Commissioner, Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax Department, L Block- Vikas Bhawan. I.P.Estate, New Delhi — 110002 with reference to Minutes of Meeting dated 23.03.2020.

(A.K. Nasa)

 Head of Office/ Controlling Authority/

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