Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi
Health & Family Welfare Department
9th Level, A-Wing, Delhi Secretariat, New Delhi – 110002

Number: No. 52/DGHS/PH-IV /COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/5846-80 Date: 24.04.2020

Reference to the order No DDMA/COVID/Central Dist./CD No. 092601071/2020/63 dated 18.04.2020 of Delhi Disaster Management Authority, regarding management of temporary shelters for poor/homeless/migrant laborers stranded due to lockdown, Health Department has been directed to ensure general medical facilities and screening etc for these people.

As all CDMOs are providing general medical facilities to these people and conducting screening of these people for COVID-19 symptoms in consultation & coordination with respective District Magistrate, all CDMOs are directed to expedite the process and take help of nearby Govt. of NCT of Delhi hospital, if needed. Daily action taken report in this regard be shared at

Padmini Singla
Secretary (Health and FW)


1. All District Magistrates, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
2. DGHS, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
3. All CDMOs, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Number: No. 52/DGHS/PH-IV /COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/5846-80 Date: 24.04.2020

Copy to:

1. Addi. CS (Home), Govt. of NCT of Delhi
2. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble LG, Delhi
3. Pr. Secretary (Revenue), Govt. of NCT of Delhi
4. Pr. Secretary (Health & FW /UD), Govt. of NCT of Delhi
5. Addi. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
6. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister of Health, GNCT of Delhi
7. OSD to CS, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
8. PA to Spl. Secretary (H&FW)

Padmini Singla
Secretary (Health and FW)


No. DDMA/COVID/Central Dist./CD No.092601071/2020/63 Date: April 18, 2020


Whereas, Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) is satisfied that NCT of Delhi Is threatened with the spread of COVID-19 epidemic, which has already been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, and has considered it necessary to take effective measures to prevent its spread in NCT of Delhi.

And whereas in exercise of the powers under Section 10 (2) (l) of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued order no. 40-3/2020-DM-I (A) dated 29.03.2020 directed the States/UT Governments to ensure adequate arrangements of temporary shelter and provision of food etc. for the poor and needy people including migrants labourers stranded due to lockdown measures.

And whereas, in pursuance of these directions number of migrant labour as well as other homeless people have been accommodated in the temporary shelters set up by the Districts as well as the DUSIB night shelters and ensuring that they are being provided food and other basic amenities;

And whereas, in order to prevent overcrowding / congregation of large number of homeless people at Yamuna Pushta location and owing to the paucity of space in Shelters at this location, and to ensure social distancing protocol to curb the menace of COVID19 and to check any law and order situation from arising at the location, over 4000 homeless persons at Yamuna Pushta location have been shifted by the District Administration, Delhi Police and DUSIB and accommodated at the temporary shelters in various Districts and provided with food and other basic amenities.

Now, therefore, in exercise of powers conferred under Section 22 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, the undersigned, in his capacity as Chairperson, State Executive Committee, GNCTD, hereby directs as under:

  1. Respective District Dy. Commissioner of Police in the district in which these persons have been accommodated shall have private adequate security at these temporary shelters set up by the District Administration
  2. Management of these temporary shelter homes shall be Under the overall control of respective District Administration. They will ensure the provision of Food and basic amenities to the people accommodated in these shelter homes.
  3. Sanitation/ Cleaning of these shelters shall be carried out by the concerned Municipal Corporation.
  4. Water Supply & Electricity shall be ensured in these shelters by the DJB & DISCOMS concerned respectively.
  5. Mobile Toilet Vans, wherever required, shall be placed by DUSIB on priority.
  6. Health Department, GNCT of Delhi, shall extend and ensure general medical facilities and screening etc. for these people.
  7. While DMs shall ensure visit of counsellors in these shelters, some of persons may be in need of long term counselling/rehabilitation. Therefore, the Social Welfare Department, GNCTD shall assess the need and arrange for the same at their Lampur Centre and ensure the same is done on priority without any delay.

It is further directed that all District Deputy Commissioners of Police shall ensure that any shelterless/homeless person found anywhere on the roads/ streets or any other public place in their respective district is accommodated in one of the temporary shelters set up by counterpart District Magistrate, without any delay.

Vijay Dev
Chief Secretary, Delhi

Copy for compliance to:

1. Pr. Secretary (Social Welfare), GNCTD
2. Pr. Secretary (H&FW), GNCTD
3. Secretary (Education), GNCTD
5. Secretary (Power), GNCTD
7. All District Magistrates, GNCTD
8. All District DCPs, Delhi Police

Copy for kind information to:

1. Pr. Secretary to L.G. Delhi
2. Addi. Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Delhi
3. Secretary to Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister, Delhi
4. Commissioner, Delhi Police
5. Pr. Secretary (Revenue)/Divisional Commissioner, GNCTD
6. All Members of State Executive Committee, DDMA
7. Director, DIP, GNCTD with the request for wider publicity
8. SIO, NIC for uploading the same on the website of Delhi Government
9. Guard File

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