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No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/6227-6243­ Dated: 30/04/2020


The attention of all concerned is invited to the Guidance note for delivery of essential health services during COVID-19 issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India whereby it was emphasized that while continuing to focus on COVID 19 related activities, providing other essential services was important not only to maintain people’s trust in the health system to deliver essential health services, but also to minimize an increase in morbidity and mortality from other health conditions. Accordingly all states were directed to identify essential services such as: pregnant women, those recently delivered, infants and children under five, those on treatment for chronic diseases, communicable diseases like TB/Leprosy, vector borne diseases, requiring treatment for dialysis, cancer, blood transfusions, and other special needs, that would be prioritized in the efforts to maintain continuity of service delivery.

This office vide order dated 24.04.2020 had clearly directed that no patient who is reaching the non-COVID Hospital (whether government or private) other than with corona infection(COVID-19) should be denied treatment or admission in the hospital. Further vide order dated 17.04.2020 it was clearly directed that no hospital will deny any End Stage Renal Disease Patient with Maintenance Haemodialysis or shut down its Dialysis unit beyond period of 24 hours for decontamination in case of treating any COVID-19 patient.

It has come to notice that some hospitals in the private sector, are hesitating in providing critical services, such as dialysis, blood transfusion, chemotherapy and institutional deliveries to their regular patients, either on account of fear of contracting COVID-19 or they are keeping their Hospitals/clinics closed. It is also noticed that in many places the hospitals/clinics are insisting on a COVID-19 test before providing services.

In this context the following orders/guidelines /SOPs issued by the Government is brought to notice of all concerned:-

  1. Revised Guidelines for Dialysis of COVID -19 patients dated 07.04.2020 issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI.
  2. Advisory for Voluntary Blood Donation during COVID 19 scenario dated 09.04.2020 issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI.
  3. Guidelines for COVID-19 testing dated 17.04.2020 issued by The Indian Council of Medical Research
  4. Guidelines on rational use of Personal Protective Equipment dated 24.03.2020 issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI.
  5. Guidelines to be followed on detection of suspect or confirmed COVID-19 case in a non-COVID Health facility dated 20.04.2020 issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI.
  6. Advisory on the use of Hydroxy-Chloroquin as prophylaxis for SARSD-COV-2infection dated 23.03.2020

The above guidelines/SOPS provide complete information on the issue of taking precautions for personal protection by health care providers while facilitating the continuance of health facilities and also the testing protocols for COVID-19.

It may be seen that the Ministry of Home affairs vide order number 40- 3/2020-DM-I(A), dated 15.04.2020 have provisioned that all health services should remain functional during the period of lockdown.

In viewof the above· facts all the Hospitals/Clinics, especially those in private sectors, are hereby directed to remain functional and ensure that anyone needing any essential critical services including dialysis, blood transfusion, chemotherapy and institutional deliveries, is not denied such service.

Non Compliance will be viewed seriously and action as per provisions of law, including cancellation of the registration of the defaulter hospital/nursing home will be initiated without further notice.

(Padmi Singla)
Secretary (Health & FW)

No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/6227-6243­ Dated: 30/04/2020

Copy to: –

  1. Secretary , Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI (for kind information)
  2. ACS (Home), Govt. of Delhi
  3. Pr. secretary to Hon’ble Lt. Governor of NCT of Delhi, New Delhi
  4. Addi. secretary to Hon’ble C.M., Govt. of Delhi, New Delhi.
  5. Secretary to Hon’ble Dy. C.M, Govt. of Delhi, New Delhi.
  6. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister Health & Family Welfare, GNCT of Delhi.
  7. OSD to C.S, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, New Delhi.
  8. Chairperson, New Delhi Municipal Council
  9. Director, General Health Services, GNCTD
  10. Commissioner, MCD (EDMC/NDMC/SDMC)
  11. All the District Magistrates in the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
  12. Mission Director, Delhi State Health Mission (DSHM), Delhi
  13. Director, Directorate of Family Welfare, GNCTD
  14. All MS/MDs/Directors of the Hospitals, Govt of NCT of Delhi
  15. MS (Nursing Homes) with the direction to bring the contents of the above order to the notice of all Private Hospitals/Clinics
  16. Director, DIP with the request for wider publicity.
  17. SIO, NIC for uploading the same on the website of Delhi Govern

(Padmi Singla)
Secretary (Health & FW)

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