No. F PA/SS-II/H&FW/2020/COVID-19/SOPs/CD/112602128/ss3hfw/109-120
Dated 12/05/2020


Subject: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the passengers arriving Delhi by Train.

Ministry of Railways has permitted movement of trains coming to and going from Delhi. As per SoP issued by MHA at point (viii), States/ UTs shall prescribe health protocols for the passengers arriving at its railway stations. In pursuance of this, following SOP shall be followed by the District Administration and Health Deptt., GNCTD for persons arriving at Delhi:

  • The detailed list of passengers with their arrival date and time, etc. would be shared with the concerned DC of the area by the Nodal Officer appointed by the Indian Railways at least one day in advance, so that necessary arrangements for the medical screening can be made.
  • Ministry of Railways shall ensure that all the persons boarding the train shall be compulsorily screened and only asymptomatic persons shall be allowed to board the train.
  • At the Railway Station, maintenance of order and social distancing norms shall be the responsibility of Indian Railways.
  • Railways shall set up a separate screening area with screening counters keeping the social distancing norms. Adequate no. of screening counters depending upon the no. of passengers arriving should be made. All required furniture should be put in the screening area and counters for the medical teams and the passengers.
  • Railways shall ensure that while deboarding of the passengers social distancing norms are followed scrupulously and passengers are deboarded in a staggered manner so that they don’t crowd the screening area. Further it should also be ensured by the railways that the deboarding, screening and exit from the railway station is done in an orderly manner by the passengers.
  • Railways shall also create a waiting area for the patients who are waiting for the screening with adequate seating arrangements.
  • Concerned DC with the assistance of COMO shall ensure that adequate number of medical teams is placed at the Railway Station.
  • DGHS would provide PPE kits, thermal guns etc., to the medical teams. The team may be formed by taking doctors from the less-loaded hospitals.
  • All the asymptomatic persons coming into Delhi shall be allowed to go to their respective home after ascertaining that they are asymptomatic. Further, they would be requested to download AAROGYA SETU APP on their mobiles, if possible.
  • The persons who are found mild symptomatic shall be informed about the Self/Home Quarantine protocol and shall be directed to undergo Self/Home quarantine. Further, they would be requested to download the AAROGYA SETU APP on their mobile phones.
  • For the persons who are found mild symptomatic, standard protocol for sampling / Testing and Quarantine SOP shall be followed by the COMO concerned.
  • Following officer of Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of NCT of Delhi will coordinate with Nodal Officer, Indian Railways, DGHS office, D.C. office and implement the instructions.

Mr. Udit Prakash Rai
Special Secretary-II (Health & Family Welfare)
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Mobile no. +91-8700603939

(Udit Prakash Rai)
Spl. Secretary-II (H&FW)


  1. Nodal Officer, Indian Railways,
  2. Dy. Commissioners (Revenue), GNCTD.
  3. Director, DGHS, GNCTD.
  4. All District CDMOs, GNCTD.

No. F PA/SS-II/H&FW/2020/COVID-19/SOPs/CD#112602128/ss3hfw/109-120
Dated 12/05/2020

Copy to: –

  1. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble LG, Delhi.
  2. Pr. Secretary (Revenue), GNCT of Delhi.
  3. Pr. Secretary (Health & FW/ UD), GNCT of Delhi.
  4. Addi. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, GNCT of Delhi.
  5. Secretary to Hon’ble Minster of Health, GNCT of Delhi.
  6. OSD to CS, GNCT of Delhi.
  7. All Resident Commissioner’s of neighbouring states.
  8. PA to All Spl. Secretaries, H&FW, GNCT of Delhi.

(Udit Prakash Rai)
Spl. Secretary-II (H&FW)

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