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A central team lead by Sh. Lav Aggarwal, JS MoH&FW had visited the containment zone in Central and North District on 10.05.2020, and thereafter he made a detailed presentation before the Union Home Secretary in a meeting which was attended by the Chief Secretary, ACS(Home), Union Health Secretary, Pp! Secretary (Health), the Commissioner of Police, Municipal Commissioners and other senior officers of the health department.

Further the Central Rapid Response Team, which had undertaken a situational analysis of the various action taken by Delhi in implementation of the Cluster Containment plan and Surveillance measures for COVID-19, has submitted a report dated 11.05.2020 making certain observations, recommendations and actionable points.

Based on the issues raised by both the teams, the following action points must be ensured: –

  1. Rapid House to Hoµse Survey to be carried out in the containment zones and new clusters/containment zones to locate active cases, followed by testing, and isolating them using the dedicated teams. The field unit shall also verify that social distancing is being implemented properly. Strict isolation and better management of suspects/symptomatic cases to be done as per the various guidelines issued, while also ensuring rigorous contact tracing.

(Action: All District Magistrates, CRTs)

  1. Confidence building measures to be carried out involving community/ religious leaders/influencers along with more IEC activity to remove stigma attached with the disease and create awareness.

(Action: All District Magistrates)

  1. Scaling up of testing facilities to be done to ensure more tests are done and the results made available without any delay. Availability of adequate test kits/ VTMs etc to be ensured.

(Action: DGHS, GNCTD)

  1. Round the clock and prompt availability of Ambulance service be ensured.

(Action: Director, CATS)

  1. All adequate preventive measures to prevent infection amongst Health Care Workers be taken as per the SOPs issued in this regard. The inter-agency cooperation should be improved for successful implementation of the isolation plan

(Action: All District Magistrates& MSs/MDs of all hospitals, CDMO’s)

  1. The collection of Bio-medical waste from containment zones to be ensured properly along with the general sanitation in the area to avoid infection.

(Action: respective MCDs)

  1. All workers/labourers/shopkeepers at Azadpur and other Mandis to be screened actively and ensure that both the Mandi and the vehicles carrying goods are sanitized properly.

(Action: All District Magistrates& Development Department)

  1. All doctors and health care staff to be trained properly on standard treatment protocol, ventilatory management of ARDS cases, management of co­ morbidities etc. To ensure availability of adequate healthcare staff, mobilization may be made through Private doctors on contract basis or by engaging retired professionals, final year students, NGOs etc

(Action: DGHS, GNCTD)

  1. Ensure availability of adequate Bed capacity (isolation, oxygen supported, ICU beds),Oxygen, Ventilators and ICU equipment and AzHhromycin, PPE kits and N95 masks.

(Action: MSs/M.Ds of all hospitals under GNCTD)

The DDMA vide orders dated 09.04.20201,3.04.2020 & 30.04.2020has already issued various directions on many of the above -mentioned points. Therefore, all stake holders are required to strictly follow the orders issued and intensify the requisite actions, so that the spread of COVID-19 can be further contained.

This issues with the approval of the Ppl Secretary (H&FW).

Padmini Singla
Secretary (Health & FW)


  1. The Ppl Secretary (Revenue)
  2. Development Commissioner
  3. All District Magistrates
  4. Director, CATS
  5. DGHS
  6. MD/MSs of all hospitals

No. 52/ DGHS/ PH-IV/ COVID-19/2020/ prsecyhfw/1013-63 Date: 13/05/2020

Copy to:

  1. Addl. CS (Home), Government of NC T of Delhi
  2. Ppl. Secretary to Hon’ble LG
  3. Ppl. Secretary (Health & FW/ UD), Government of NCT of Delhi
  4. Addl. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Government of NCT of Delhi
  5. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister of Health, Government of NCT of Delhi
  6. OSD to CS, Government of NCT of Delhi . ‘

Padmini Singla
Secretary (Health & FW)

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