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No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/7513-57 (No. F. 6/13/2020-21/proc/BSAH) (CD-000601251)
Dated: 13.05.2020


Finance Department vide orders dated 24.03.2020, had delegated all powers, where prior approval of Finance Department was required, to the Administrative Secretaries.

Subsequently, Finance Department vide order dated 08.04 .2020 has ordered that in light of the lockdown laid by the Government to control the COVID- 19, it is reiterated that the orders dated 24.03.2020 will continue to be operational with regard to incurring of expenditure relating to COVID-19 only. However in other cases, the Head of Departments would incur the expenditure relating to the Salaries, wages, Medical reimbursement, security & Sanitation related expenditure and other essential expenditure related to electricity and water supply, telephone, postages charges, POL & maintenance of Staff car expenditure only. For any other expenditure the department was required to seek the prior approval of the Finance Department before incurring any liability expenditure.

In view of the facts that apart from the expenditures mentioned in the FD OM dated 08.04. 2020, the Hospitals have to make a lot of expenditure for procurement and maintenance in order to keep the Hospitals functional for non covid / accident/ emergency patients also, matter was taken up with Finance department to allow the Health Department to incur all such normal expenditure, where prior concurrence of Finance Department is not r quired in terms of FD OM dated 07.08.2019, without sending the file to FD for each item.

The matter has been examined by the Finance Department and it has been approved that HoDs of Health & Family Welfare Department will be allowed to incur expenditure under Supplies & Material without sending the files to FD for each item subject to the condition that the expenditure should not exceed 20% of the BE 2020-21 upto 30.06.2020.

This issues with the approval of Finance Department vide U.O. No. 417/DS1 dated 06.05.2020

Padmini Singla
Secretary (H&FW)

No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/7513-57 (No. F. 6/13/2020-21/proc/BSAH) (CD-000601251)
Dated: 13.05.2020

  1. Spl. Secretaries (H&FW), GNCT of Delhi
  2. Director, General Health Services, GNCTD
  3. Mission Director, Delhi State Health Mission (DSHM), Delhi
  4. Director, Directorate of Family Welfare, GNCTD
  5. All MS/MDs/Directors of the Hospitals, Govt of NCT of Delhi
  6. DCA, Health& Family welfare Department, GNCT of Delhi
  7. System Analyst, for uploading the same on the website of Department.

Padmini Singla
Secretary (H&FW)

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