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No.52/DGHS/PH-IV /COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/9103-9162                 Dated: 29/05/2020 




In continuation of Order No. 52/DGHS/PHIV /COVID19/2020/prsecyhfw /9615, dated 16.05.2020 to augment COVID hospitals facility by 1000 beds, the following hotels be requisitioned by the District Magistrate & given to attached hospitals for converting them in to extended COVID hospital wherein the medical services shall be provided by the attached identified COVID private hospital:


S. No. Hotel  Attached Hospital
1 Hotel Crown Plaza, Okhla Phase-I Batra Hospital & Research Centre
2 Hotel Surya, New Friends Colony Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
3 Hotel Siddharth, Rajendra Place Dr. B.L. Kapur Memorial Hospital
4 Hotel Jivitesh, Pusa Road Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital
5 Hotel Sheraton, Saket District Centre Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital


The attached .private hospital shall admit COVID-19 positive patients in their extended COVID Hospital as per the patient’s medical condition and in case such patients tum into severe at any point of time during their stay in the hotel, he/ she shall be transferred/ admitted in the attached private hospital at its schedule rates.

The attached private hospital is required to provide sufficient manpower (nurses & doctors) as per norms. Further, the attached hospital is also required to provide oxygen supply, either in the form of oxygen concentrator or oxygen cylinder, in the extended COVID Hospital in case a patient requires oxygen support. The attached hospital shall provide all consumables like PPE Kit, N95 Mask, gloves, medicines and equipment like pulse-oximeter, thermometer, oxygen concentrator/ cylinder, etc. They shall also make necessary arrangements to provide resuscitation services ( equipment, drugs & medical consumables) in the extended COVID Hospital A in case there is a rapid deterioration in the clinical condition of the patient.

The linked private Hospitals are required to take over full Hotel indicated against their name as requisitioned by concerned District Magistrate, Government of NCT of Delhi under DDMA. The hotel shall provide regular hotel services including rooms, housekeeping, disinfection & food for the patients etc at the price not greater than Rs 5000/- for Five star Hotel and Rs 4000/- Four/Three star hotel per day per person.

The linked hospital shall be paid an amount, not greater than Rs 5000 / – per patient per day for their medical services to COVID-19 patients inclusive of all consumables, services of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and nursing staff etc as per the norms.

However, Investigation charges, if any, shall be charged by the linked hospital as their scheduled rates and for oxygen support the linked hospital is allowed to charge at the hotel @ Rs. 2000 / – per bed per day basis. The medical services provided by the attached hospital at their facility shall be charged at their respective schedule rates.

All charges shall be collected by the linked Hospital and the linked hospital shall make payment to the hotel etc.

Further, the linked hospital may accommodate their doctors and staff at the hotel at their own expense, if required.

It issues with the approval of Hon’ble Minister, Health. 


(Padmini Singla)
Secretary (Health & FW) 


All MSs/MDs of Hospitals/Institutions under H&FW Department 


No.52/DGHS/PH-IV /COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/9103-9162                 Dated: 29/05/2020


Copy to: 

  1. Addi. CS (Home), Govt. of NCT of Delhi 
  2. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble LG, Delhi 
  3. Pr. Secretary (Revenue, E&F), Govt. of NCT of Delhi 
  4. Pr. Secretary (Health & FW /UD), GNCT of Delhi 
  5. Addi. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Govt. of NCT of Delhi 
  6. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister of Health, GNCT of Delhi 
  7. All District Magistrates (Revenue), Delhi 
  8. OSD to CS, Govt. of NCT of Delhi 
  9. PA to Spl. Secretary (H&FW)


(Padmini Singla)
Secretary (Health & FW

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