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Dated: 04/06/2020


In view of COVID-19 pandemic and to streamline the standard operating procedure (SOP) for handling of COVID-19 positive/suspect patients in CO ID hospital, a_simpli ed p to be followed by all COVID hospital based on the past experience and various gmdehnes issued as follows:

  1. Reception of COVID patients at the Hospital
    COVID Patient shall be brought by hospital staff from the Ambulance or whichever vehicle used by the patient reaching hospital, to the triage area, without asking for details. This process must be complete in 15 minutes.
  2. Triaging/Admission of a patient
    The hospital staff should provide bed or sitting space depending upon condition of the patient and doctor pn triage duty must attend to the patient with in 60 minutes depending upon urgency of requirement of treatment. Refreshment should be made available to the patients in triage area. The doctor on triage duty in consultation with specialist, if required, must decide one of the following actions. The patient must not made to stay in triage are for more than 3 hrs.

    1. Admission of the patient
      Patient shall be admitted in appropriate ward for the level of treatment required at the Hospital as per the medical condition assessed by doctors. The patient is required to be shifted from one bed to other depending upon facilities which is required for the patient.
    2. Referred to other Hospital
      If Bed with the level facilities is not available at the hospital, it would be sole responsibility of the hospital to transfer the patient to other hospital and till that happen, the hospital would provide available medical facilities.
    3. Transfer of patient to COVID CARE Centre (CCC)
      If patient does not require further treatment and fall under the category of mild­ moderate symptom patient where Home Quarantine is allowed but he/ she do not have enough space at their home, he/ she shall be transferred to CCC by the Hospital after basic counselling before such transfer, the bed availability etc. should be coordinated with nodal officer of the CCC.
    4. Discharge of the patient for Home quarantine
      If patient dies or require further treatment and fall under the category of asymptomatic/ rmld-moderate symptom patient where Home Quarantine is allowed, he/ she shall be discharged from the hospital after basic counselling.
    5. Send to Mortuary
      If patient dies at the Hospital at triage or brought dead, the patient would be shifted to the mortuary after disinfection by the hospital.
      During the stay at Hospital or Hospital triage, if patient feels that he is not being treated as per the protocol or admission is being denied or delayed without reasonable explanation, or there is any other grievance relation to food, medical care, hygiene and sanitation, he can approach the hospital helpline number. The hospital authorities shouLd dedicate one line manned 24 x7 by responsible person. This number should be given at the time of admission and should be suitably displayed.
  3. Treatment & Tests at the Hospital
    1. The admitted patients shall be managed as per the medical protocol and COVID tests of the patient shall be shall be done as per the latest orders issued in this regard.
    2. The Patient shall be provided timely morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner and fruits twice a day. One bottle of potable water shall be provided with lunch and dinner respectively.
  4. Discharge of patient after treatment
    The admitted patient shall be discharged from the hospital as per the medical protocol after patient tested COIVD negative as per the latest orders issued in this regard.

(Padmini Secretary)
& FW)


All MSs/Medical Directors of alf designated COVID Hospitals of Govt of NCT of Delhi.

 Dated: 04/06/2020

Copy to:

      1. Addl CS (Home), Governm nt of NCT of Delhi
      2. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble qI ., povernor of NCT of Delhi, New Delhi.
      3. Pr Secretary (Revenue), Government of NCT of Delhi
      4. Pr Secretary (HeaJth & FW/UD), Government of NCT of Delhi
      5. Add!. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Government of NCT of Delhi
      6. Secretary to Hon’ple Minister of Health, Government of NCT of Delhi
      7. OSD to CS, Goveiument of Ncr of Delhi
      8. Director, DGHS

(Padmini Singla)
Secretary (Health
& FW)

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