ASHA workers are at the frontlines of fighting coronavirus in Delhi, and work on surveillance and preventing breaking of social distancing. 

My name is Reena, and I’m thirty years old. 

As an ASHA worker I originally did field work, but given the pandemic, I am part of a team that visits homes, checks the conditions. If they are at home, we enable home isolation. If not, we enable their shifting, collecting of details, checking their SpO2 measurements etc. 

How has your work affected your family life?

As soon as I get home, I have to explain to my children that they need to keep distance from me. I wash my hands, take a bath, wash my clothes and clean up carefully. At first, I would spend time with my children but I don’t take that risk anymore and keep them at a distance from myself. 

What do you think of the Delhi government’s efforts to fight coronavirus?

If the government hadn’t taken these steps, the number of cases would have been much higher. They have been very cautious and active. Their policies benefit everyone. 

What would you like to say to the people of Delhi?

Your safety is in your hands. If you first maintain your own safety, then only can the government be of help to you. The government can support you and guide you, but it can’t change your habits and lifestyle. You have to improve and protect yourself. 

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