Bus Marshals are incharge of maintaining social distancing and preventing crowds on buses. 

We need to make sure there aren’t more than 20 people on the bus, and if there are more than that then we adjust them into a different bus. 

After working all day, how do you ensure immunity against infection before returning home?

I remove my shoes etc. outside. I douse the clothes I wore during work in a separate container of hot water and cover it up. I wash those clothes only after 12 hours. I take bath in hot water and clean up carefully, such that I am sure all germs have been killed. Only after all this do I meet my family. 

What do you think about the Delhi Government’s efforts in fighting the coronavirus?

I think the administration under Arvind Kejriwal is doing a great job. Giving food and shelter to the poor, giving us our salaries despite the crisis, giving 5000 rupees to taxi drivers, auto drivers and rikshaw drivers – they are taking care of everyone. 

What do you want to say to the people of Delhi? 

All of us should cooperate with the government and do our best to help so that we can defeat the pandemic, which we definitely will. 

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