My name is Rajendra, I’m a Civil Defence Volunteer. I’m 27 years old. 

The Delhi government’s Civil Defence Volunteers ensure that food is served properly at the Hunger Relief Centers. 

It is my duty as a Civil Defence Volunteer, it is all of our duty, to protect people. 

Rajendra ensures social distancing at the Delhi Government’s Hunger Relief Center in Kalkaji. 

I have been posted here as a Marshal. I make sure that everyone who comes here maintains social distancing and make sure that everyone is given food well. 

Tell us something about the Food Relief Program. 

This decision by the Delhi Government ensures that the starving people of Delhi are properly nourished and given food. Every individual gets food at both times. If a family has 4 members, all four members are fed. No one should be deprived or have issues. Even if someone has come from outside, we make sure they are well fed. 

The first lockdown began on the 21st – just one week after that, the food service was initiated in every school.

How has your work during the pandemic affected your family life? 

I have been able to give my family very little time. I refrain from going home, and if I do then only after getting a check up done, checking my temperature etc. I clean up and take bath properly before spending time with my family. 

Many people are safe inside their homes now, whereas you are out saving people’s lives, how does that feel?

I am proud of myself for being a Civil Defence Volunteer. I am not thinking of myself at all, and prioritise saving my country. 

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