How many hours do you work in a day?

Ever since the lockdown was ordered, I only get 2 hours of rest a day. I’ve been working really hard. The work was a lot less during the Mid-day meal scheme. I have to work 22 hours a day.

What does your routine look like during lockdown? 

The food goes to 35-36 thousand people. There are 470 centres. We start cooking at 2 a.m. and work till 8 a.m., after which supplies start and we start cooking again at noon. 

Tell us about the food relief program

It is a public service initiative by the Delhi government. There are facilities to feed, give shelter, provide a place to sleep, provide water to 10-12 lakh people, while also maintaining social distancing. It is a huge undertaking. 

You are risking your safety to help others, what does your family think of this? What do you say to them?

My family members are really distressed, they ask me to somehow come home, but what can I do? I have to think about everyone. If I think just about my family, then who will look out for the 30-35 thousand starving people here?

I tell my family to think of all the people I am helping as family too. 

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