No. F. 511DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/prsecyhfw/13087-336           Date: 13/6/2020



Whereas, the COVID-19 outbreak has been notified as a “Disaster” for being a
critical medical condition and pandemic situation under the “Disaster Management Act, 2005.”

And whereas the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has issued detailed guidelines
from time to time to contain the spread of COVID-19,

And whereas, instances have come to notice that above guidelines are not being
followed in their letter and spirit,

And whereas, rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in NCT of Delhi warrant stricter
compliance with the Various directives issued by the Central Government. and the
Government. of NCT of Delhi from time to time,pursuant to guidelines of National Disaster Management Authority and the Delhi Disaster Management Authority;

And whereas, to enforce these directives, it has now become imperative to impose
penalties by way of fines for a deterrent effect;

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 2 of The Epidemic
Disease Act, 1897 and also in view of the guidelines issued by Delhi Disaster Management Authority, Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi is pleased to issue the following regulations:


  1. These regulations shall be called The Delhi Epidemic Diseases, (Management of COVID-19) Regulations, 2020.
  2. “Epidemic Disease” in these regulations shall mean COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019)
  1. “Authorised Persons” under this Act shall and include
    a. Secretary (Health & FW),GNCTD;
    b. Director General Health Services (DGHS),GNCTD;
    c. District Magistrate,
    d. Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO),
    e. Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and District Surveillance Officer (DSO);
    f. And such officers as may be authorized by Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government. of NCT of Delhi, District Magistrates and Zonal Deputy Commissioners of respective Municipal Corporations of Delhi;
    g. And the officers of the rank of Sub Inspector and above of Delhi Police.

  2. The above Authorized Persons shall be empowered to impose a fine of Rs. 500 fort he first time and a further fine of Rs. 1000/- for the repeated offence, respectively for violating the directives/guidelines pertaining to the following:-
                a. Observation of quarantine rules.
                b. Maintaining of social distancing.
                c. Wearing of Face mask/cover in all public places /workplaces.
                d. Prohibition of spitting in public places.
                e. Prohibition on consumption of paan, gutka, tobacco etc in public places.
  3. In case any person fails to pay the penalty on the spot, action under Section188 IPC
    shall be taken against him by the authorised police officer on receipt of a complaint
    from any Authorised Persons or on his own.

  4. Protection to Authorized Persons under the Act: No legal suit or proceedings shall lie against the Authorized Persons for anything done or intended to be done in good faith for ensuring the stricter compliance under these regulations unless proved malafide/ otherwise.

  5. These regulations shall come into force immediately and shall remain valid for a
    period of one year from the date of publication of this notification.


By order and in the name of
Lt. Governor of National Capital Territory of Delhi


(S. Sunil)
Deputy Secretary (H&FW)


No. F. 511DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/prsecyhfw/13087-336           Date: 13/6/2020


Copy to:

I. Addl. Chief Secretary (Transport), Govt. of Delhi
2. Addl. Chief Secretary (Home), Govt. of Delhi
3. Commissioner of Police
4. Chairman, NDMC
5. Commissioner(SDMC/NDMC/EDMC)
6. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble LG, Raj Niwas, Delhi
7. Additional Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Govt of Delhi
8. OSD to Hon’ble Minister of Health
9. OSD. to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Delhi
10. All Pr. Secretaries/Secretaries/HODs/Heads of all Autonomous Bodies/Institutions/Colleges under Govt. ofNCT of Delhi
11. Secretary (GAD), Govt. ofNCT of Delhi
12. Director General Health Services, Govt. ofNCT of Delhi, Delhi-32
13. All the District Magistrates, Govt. ofNCT of Delhi
14. Director, Directorate of Family Welfare, GNCT of Delhi, New Delhi
15. All MSs/Directors of all Hospitals under Govt. of NCT of Delhi
16. All Chief District Medical Officers, Govt. of NCT of Delhi


(S. Sunil)
Deputy Secretary (H&FW)

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