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No. 52/DGHS/PH-IV /COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/14450-14649   Dated: 20.06.2020




Delhi Disaster Management Authority accepted the recommendations of the committee, under Dr. V. K. Paul, member, NITI Aayog for fixing rates for COVID related treatment to be charged by private hospitals in NCT of Delhi, with the proviso that all COIVD beds would be at rates given by the Committee subject to upper limit of 60% of the beds of total hospital bed capacity.

The prescribed maximum per day package rates for COVID related treatments in private hospitals in NCT of Delhi are as below: 


Hospital rates for per dav of admission (in Rs.)
Category of hospitals Moderate Sickness  Severe Sickness  Very Severe Sickness

Including supportive care and oxygen 
ICU without need for ventilator care ICU with ventilator care

(invasive/ noninvasive)  
NABH accredited Hospitals (including entry level)  10,000/-
(includes cost of PPE Rs. 1200/-) 
(includes cost of PPE Rs. 2000/-) Rs. 2000/-)
(includes cost of PPE Rs. 2000/-) Rs. 2000/-)
Non-NABH accredited Hospitals 8,000/-
(includes cost of PPE 

Rs. 1200/-) 

(includes cost of PPE Rs. 2000/-) 
(includes cost of PPE Rs. 2000/-) 


  1. The hospitals would follow the national guidelines on admission of COVID-19 patients. Generally, hospital care is required for COVID-patients with moderate or severe/very severe disease. Patients with mild disease are to be managed at home or in COVID Care Centers which are not hospital but improvised isolation/ observation facilities created in non-hospital premises. However, patients with mild disease but having co-morbidities and/ or if elderly, as defined may be treated as having moderate illness and therefore admitted. 


  1. The rates for private hospitals beds would be all inclusive as a package. This will include, but not limited to: bed, food and other amenities, monitoring, nursing care, doctors’ visits/ consults, investigations including imaging, treatment as per the national protocol for COVID care and standard care for co-morbidities, oxygen, blood transfusion etc. 


  1. The package rates would include costs of medical care of underlying co-morbid conditions including supportive care and cost of medications thereof, for the duration of care for COVID. Since many of the COVID patients have conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc., the charges for medical care of such co-morbidities will be a part of the package. This would include short term haemodialysis as a part of acute care during the current admissions. 


  1. The rates would apply to standard care of COVID-19 patients as per the National Guidelines. But these would not cover experimental therapies (e.g. Ramdesivir etc.). Standard management of Co-morbidities would be covered. 


  1. The charges will not include the cost of COVID-19 diagnostic test(s) as well as IL-6 Levels. 


  1. The proposed charges will apply to paediatric patients as well. 


  1. For pregnant women, costs for delivery (normal/C-section) and care of new born would be charged by the hospital extra as per prevailing PMJA Y rates of relevant packages. 


  1. There will be no compromise on the quality of clinical care services provided to the patients receiving services on the proposed package rates. The prescribed rates are applicable with immediate effect. 


(Vikram Dev Dutt)
Pr. Secretary (Health & FW) 



Keepers of all Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes in NCT of Delhi providing COVID related treatment


No. 52/DGHS/PH-IV /COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/14450-14649   Dated: 20.06.2020


Copy to

1. Addl. CS (Home), Government of NCT of Delhi
2. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi
3. Pr. Secretary (Revenue), Government of NCT of Delhi
4. Addl. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Government of NCT of Delhi
5. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister of Health, Government of NCT of Delhi
6. OSD to CS, Government of NCT of Delhi
7. Secretary (Health & FW), Government of NCT of Delhi


(Vikram Dev Dutt)
Pr. Secretary (Health & FW)


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