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No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/15825-899  Dated: 27.06.2020 


The Council of Ministers has approved the following proposal of the Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of NCT of Delhi vide Cabinet decision No 2844 dated 26.06.2020: 

  1. To make 450 beds operational of under construction ‘Burari hospital as proposed 


“To make it 450 beds fully functional COVID-19 Hospital in shortest possible time in phased manner (150 beds in one week), the following is proposed and the total requirement may be grouped in three categories and sourced as proposed: 

Category I: Medical Manpower & Management 

> Doctor: 38 nos newly joined CDMOs has already been posted, some specialists and experienced Doctor shall be posted in diverted capacity. Further, Hospital may directly 

engage SR & JR Doctors on already settled terms and conditions. 

> Nursing Staff & Paramedical Staff: Nursing & Paramedical staff shall be engaged by the hospital against the already created posts. However, some Nursing & Paramedical staff shall be provided from other Hospitals to start the operation.

> Nursing orderly: Hospital shall outsource by extending an existing contract of GNCT
of Delhi’s Hospital.

> ALS & BLS Ambulances: The ambulance service shall be provided by the CATS Ambulance services.

> Personal Protective equipments
: shall be supplied by DGHS out of supplies received for GOI. 


Category II: Housekeeping, Floor Management, Supplies 

> The following items/services shall be sourced either by extending an existing contract of 

GNCT of Delhi’s Hospital or sourced through GeM. 

> Linen, pillow cover, patient dress & Staff dress on rental with laundry service 

> Housekeeping, Infection Control, Pest Control, Chemicals and Consumables 


Category III: Physical Infrastructure & Outsource Services 

> Kitchen/Canteen shall be outsourced by extending an existing contract of GNCT of 

Delhi’s Hospital 

> Sanitation & Security Services: shall be outsourced by extending an existing contract of 

GNCT of Delhi’s Hospital.. 

> Diagnostics services: The services of private Labs may be assigned or requisitioned on nomination basis at DAK/CGHS rate. 

> Oxygen Supply: Oxygen cylinders being received from GOI will be use and refilling is
done by the Hospital from authorized refiller through CPA.

> Pharmacy & other consumables: CPA to procure and supply all consumables & pharmacy from open market on nomination basis, if it is not available from existing vendor

> Electricity supply with Backup and Water Supply: Project Director, Burari Hospital will also organize these items in coordination with PWD, Discom, DJB etc.” 

  1. All procurement/sourcing of logistics, supplies, structure and manpower for management of COVID-19 shall be done on nomination basis u/s 50 of Disaster Management Act, 2005.
  1. All expenditure shall be against the DSHM funds for COVID-19 up to availability of funds and make available rest of the expenditure under Government of Delhi budget.


(Vikram Dev Dutt)
Pr. Secretary (Health & FW) 


1. Medical Director, Burari Hospital
2. Sh Vikram Singh Malik, IAS, OSD (Health & FW)
3. Director, DGHS

No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/ prsecyhfw/15825-899 Dated: 27.06.2020 


Copy to 

1. Pr. Secretary (Home), Govt. of NCT of Delhi
2. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi
3. Pr. Secretary (Revenue), Government of NCT of Delhi
4. Secretary to Hon’ble Dy. CM, GNCT of Delhi
5. Addl. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Government of NCT of Delhi
6. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister of Health, Government of NCT of Delhi
7. OSD to CS, Government of NCT of Delhi
8. Secretary (Health & FW), Government of NCT of Delhi
9. All Spl. Secretaries (Health & FW)/OSD (Health & FW) 


(Vikram Dev Dutt)
Pr. Secretary (Health & FW)

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