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No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/ prsecyhfw/15675-749   Dated: 27.06.2020 


The Council of Ministers has approved the following proposal of the Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of NCT of Delhi vide Cabinet Decision No. 2845, dated 26.06.2020: 

  1. To operate Hospital Beds as per following details in Banquet Halls in 

coordination with the linked Hospital and making all procurement/rent of infrastructure/consumables/ services by nomination u/s 50 of Disaster Management Act, 2005. 

“The available beds for COVID-19 patients in Hospital etc could be increased beyond the existing capacity by creating Hospital Beds facility outside of existing Health Care Facilities like by converting stadium, exhibition halls and banquet halls into temporary hospitals or creating temporary tents in open spaces available across the Delhi. 

A survey was conducted to identify banquet halls in Delhi which could be use for creation bed capacity outside hospital in linkage of GNCTD Hospital for COVID-19 and Revenue Department DDMA has requisitioned 77 banquet halls (List enclosed as (Annexure-I) across Delhi with estimated capacity to accommodate 11,229 beds for COVID-19 patients. 

In view of decision to provide 1000 railways coaches to accommodate 16,000 patients, it is proposed that one Banquet Hall in each district of the capacity more than 100 beds may be started by linking with FIVE (05) designated COVID Hospitals. THREE (03) Banquet Hall each may be linked with the Bigger Hospitals Lok Nayak Hospital, GTB Hospital and Rajiv Gandhi SS Hospital & Linking ONE(01) banquet Hall each with Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital & Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra Hospital. 

District Magistrate office shall provide the following to the Linked Hospital to operate additional beds at Banquet Halls: 


  • Requisitioned Banquet Halls along with housekeeping staff/caretaking staff/available services should be handed over to the Hospital 


  • Arrangements of sufficient Beds with mattresses and Pillows for patients 

The Linked Hospital would provide all Doctors & medical Staff, infrastructure, consumables, services etc

  1. All expenditure shall be against the DSHM funds for COVID-19 up to 

availability of funds and the rest of the expenditure may be booked under the Government of Delhi budget. 


 (Vikram Dev Dutt)
Pr. Secretary (Health & FW) 



1. All District Magistrates of Government of NCT of Delhi
2. Medical Directors/Directors of all Hospitals of Government of NCT of Delhi
3. Sh. Gaurav Singh Rajawat, IAS, OSD (Health & FW)


No.52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/ prsecyhfw/15675-749   Dated: 27.06.2020

Copy to 

1. Pr. Secretary (Home), Govt. of NCT of Delhi
2. Pr. Secretary to Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi
3. Pr. Secretary (Revenue), Government of NCT of Delhi
4. Secretary to Hon’ble Dy. CM, GNCT of Delhi
5. Addl. Secretary to Hon’ble CM, Government of NCT of Delhi
6. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister of Health, Government of NCT of Delhi
7. OSD to CS, Government of NCT of Delhi
8. Secretary (Health & FW), Government of NCT of Delhi
9. All Spl. Secretaries (Health & FW)/OSD (Health & FW) 


 (Vikram Dev Dutt)
Pr. Secretary (Health & FW)


S. No. District Address of Banquet Hall Requisitioned Capacity of Bed Requisition Order Date
1 NORTH The Zehan, G T Road, Singhola, Delhi 100 12-06-2020
2 NORTH Micasa Le Castle, GT Road, Bakoli, Delhi 125 12-06-2020
3 NORTH Blue Sapphire Motel & Resort, GT Road, Bakoli, Delhi 130 12-06-2020
4 NORTH Zeenat Motel and Resort, Alipur 35 12-06-2020
5 NORTH Tivoli Grand, GT Karnal Road, Jindpur 100 12-06-2020
6 NORTH Green Lounge Fusion, B-6, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area, Delhi 150 12-06-2020
7 NORTH Rajwada Palace, B-33, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area, Delhi 200 12-06-2020
8 NORTH La Maurya, 42, Rajasthani Udyog Nagar, G.T. Karnal Road, Delhi 100 12-06-2020
9 NORTH The Royalens, A-29, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area, Delhi 60 12-06-2020
10 NORTH Grand Imperial, A-7, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area, Delhi 100 12-06-2020
11 NORTH ITI, Dheerpur, Delhi 200 10-06-2020
12 South-West M/s Amrai (Krishan Farm), Kh. No. 12/27 Min (0-16), 28 

|(1-15), 12/28(6-10), 26(5-6), Kapashera, Delhi.

212 12-06-2020
13 South-West M/s Atterio, Near NH-08, D-Block, Kapashera, New South-West 


187 12-06-2020
14 South-West M/s Aziza, D-Block, Kapashera Estate, Rajokari, New South-West 


312 12-06-2020
15 South-West M/s Calista Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd., Kapashera, New South-West 


325 12-06-2020
16 South-West M/s Kundan Banquet, Near Aziza, D-Block, Kapashera, South-West 

New Delhi.

375 12-06-2020
17 South-West M/s Manav Suri (Unit of the Vilasa Farm), Kh. No. 723, South-West 728 and 729, New Kh. No. 16/28, Rajokari Kapashera Road, Kapashera, New Delhi. 275 12-06-2020
18 South-West Hotel Muse Sarover Partico, Bijwasan Road, Kapashera, South-West 

New Delhi. 

219 12-06-2020
19 CENTRAL Shehnai Banquet Hall, opposite LNJP Hospital, JL Nehru Marg, New Delhi 120 12-06-2020
20 CENTRAL National Club Marriage Hall, opposite Old Delhi Railway Station, near Fatehpuri Chowk, SPM Marg, Delhi  50 12-06-2020
21 CENTRAL Golden Movement Banquet Hall, East Park Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi 50 12-06-2020
22 CENTRAL Raj Vatika Banquet Hall, East Park Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi  50 12-06-2020
23 CENTRAL Amitabh Banquet Hall, Bunglow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-07 20 12-06-2020
24 North West Star Banquet, Sector-20, Rohini  55 12-06-2020
25 North West Royal Pepper Banquet, D-Mall, Sector-10, Rohini 50 12-06-2020
26 North West Kings Mall, 5th Floor, Sector-10, Rohini 80 12-06-2020
27 North West Anubhav Vatika, Budh Vihar 55 12-06-2020
28 North West Dreams heaven, Village Karala 112 12-06-2020
29 North West Magic Movements, Village Karala 56 12-06-2020
30 North West Seven Seas, M2K Sector-3, Rohini 162 12-06-2020
31 North West Heritage Grand, B-12, Britania Chowk 275 12-06-2020
32 North West Seven Seas, B-28 Britania Chowk, Lawrence Road  175 12-06-2020
33 North West Wedding Opera, B-9, Ring road, Britania Chowk, Lawrence Road 150 12-06-2020
34 North West Royal Pepper, B-70, Wazirpur Indl. Area  210 12-06-2020
35 North West Green Lounge, C-93, Wazirpur Indl. Area 175 12-06-2020
36 North West La Mansion, C-92, Ring Road, Opp. Shalimar Bagh, Wazirpur 210 12-06-2020
37 North West The Grandeur Lavanya, A-15, Wazirpur Indl. Area, Ashok Vihar 225 12-06-2020
38 North West Dream Bell, KC Goel Marg, Pkt- C-3, Ph-ll, Wazipur  180 12-06-2020
39 North West Mosaic Sandoz, A-1, Wazirpur Indl. Area 275 12-06-2020
40 North West Party Palace, B-2, Britania Chowk, Lawrence Road, Indl. Area 235 12-06-2020
41 North West Marina Dreams, Plot No. B-72/5, Ring Road, Wazirpur 175 12-06-2020
42 North West God Grace, GH Block, Sector-3, Rohini 60 12-06-2020
43 North West Grand Utsav, B-Block, Sector-3, Rohini 85 12-06-2020
44 North West Wedding in Banquet, Sector-3, Rohini 55 12-06-2020
45 NEW DELHI Clay 1 Grand, A-47, PH-1, Mayapuri 150 12-06-2020
46 NEW DELHI Azalea, C-162, PH-1, Naraina 200 12-06-2020
47 NEW DELHI JJV Marketing and Hotels Pvt. Ltd. (Nitesh Kunj) Village

Samalkha, NH-8, New Delhi 

400 12-06-2020
48 NEW DELHI Mapple Emerald Main Road, Village Samalkha, NH-8, Delhi 250 12-06-2020


100 12-06-2020


125 12-06-2020
51 West shubh Nimantran, 7/85, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, Delhi 250 12-06-2020
52 West Gola Ceremonial Banquet, 8/39, Kirti Nagar, Delhi 250 12-06-2020
53 West Grand Affaire Banquet, A/5, Kirti Nagar, Industrial Area, Delhi  125 12-06-2020
54 West R.K. Banquet, 7/16, Kirti nagar, Industrial Area, Delhi 125 12-06-2020
55 West Silver Oky, Main Rohtak Road, Mundka, Delhi  90 12-06-2020
56 West Eupharia Banquets, Main Rohtak Road, Udyag Nagar, Delhi 250 12-06-2020
57 West Green Lounge, Main Rohtak Road, Udyog Nagar, Delhi  250 12-06-2020
58 West Wedding Lounge, Main Rohtak Road, Udyog Nagar, Delhi  270 12-06-2020
59 West Hotel Emporium, Udyog Nagar, Delhi 250 12-06-2020
60 West Orabella Banquets, Peera Garhi, Delhi 300 12-06-2020
61 West Deen Bandhu Sair Chhotu jat Dharamshala, Near Nangloi Railway Station, Delhi  90 12-06-2020
62 West Parshuram Dharamshala, Yadav Par, Nangloi, Delhi 40 12-06-2020
63 East Maharaja Hotel/Guest House, B-21, Guru Nanakpura, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi 29 12-06-2020
64 East Jhankar Banquet Hall, G-87, Preet Vihar, Vikas Marg, Delhi-110092 50 12-06-2020
65 Shahdara La Coradiall, Cross River Mall 150 12-06-2020
66 Shahdara Raj Kamal 50 12-06-2020
67 Shahdara Gurmeet Banquet Hall 50 12-06-2020
68 Shahdara Pearl Grand Galaxy 150 12-06-2020
69 Shahdara Red Cheery, Babarpur Road 50 12-06-2020
70 Shahdara Govindam Banquet Hall, Durgapuri Chowk 60 12-06-2020
71 Shahdara Shree Shyam Palace, MS Park, Metro Station 100 12-06-2020
72 Shahdara SK Wedding Bells, Behind Jhilmil Metro Station 100 12-06-2020
73 South East Maharaja Ranjit Banquet hall, AISF Building Amar Colony 40 12-06-2020
74 South East Dheer Garden Ismail Pur Road Roop Nagar 40 12-06-2020
75 South East Kanak Banquet Hall, Mohan Cooperative, Near Sarita Vih 100 12-06-2020
76 South East Naveen Banquet Hall, KG Kholsa ByPass Molar Bund Exte 45 12-06-2020
77 South East Grand Dream Banquet Hall, Plot No 2, Shambu Dayal Bag 150 50 12-06-2020
TOTAL 11229


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